2016-01-13 | Jinzhong electronic

New product introduction: GM2 series AC permanent magnet servo motor

Recently, we launched in 2014 and a new driver products - CM500 series high performance AC permanent magnet serv

Recently, we launched in 2016 and a new driver products - GM2 series high performance AC permanent magnet servo motor. GM2 AC permanent magnet servo motor is our combined with market demand, development of a high performance precision drive equipment, with fast response, low speed stability, high power (torque) ratio and low temperature rise, high output precision, reliable operation, energy-saving rate is high, high protection level and many other features can be safe for use in harsh environments. Can be widely used in high precision, fast response and other requirements of the application occasions.
High performance rare earth permanent magnet materials and unique electromagnetic structure and optimization design of GM2 series products, the housing is made of high strength aluminum, the appearance is beautiful and practical, light weight, high efficiency of heat dissipation. A high degree of protection IP54, S1 long period of work, three output connector, and fully guarantee the reliable performance of product excellence.
GM2 series products of special rotor structure and process, to ensure stable and reliable motor runs at a high speed; high performance permanent electromagnetic and structural design of magnetic materials and optimized, high precision feedback element rotary encoder, the motor output torque ripple small, smooth running, high speed accuracy, in under the condition of high response speed, turning inertia is small, the maximum speed range to meet the constant torque output.
GM2 series AC permanent magnet servo motor of high precision, high stability and other advantages, which can be widely used in the industry of plastic machinery, CNC machine tools, textile machinery, winding machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, tobacco machinery, food machinery, military products, automation equipment. In injection molding machine as an example, GM2 series AC permanent magnet servo motor fundamentally changed the shortcomings of the traditional injection molding machine energy waste, it can adjust the speed according to the change of oil flow, so that the pump discharge of oil flow is changed, namely, the need to supply many how many. The change of driving mode and the high efficiency of the motor itself makes the energy saving effect of the whole process. According to different injection products, power saving rate of up to 20% ~ 80%.

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