Frequency converter

Frequency converter is the application of frequency conversion technology and micro electronics technology, to change the power frequency of the motor to control ac...

G600 series inverter
Support for synchronous motor and asynchronous motor drive
Speed sensor and speed sensorless vector control
Position control, speed control and torque control
Servo and motion control

Goldbell electric transmission products provide customers including inverter industry, plane...

G2 series servo drives
Admiralty servo G2 series formed a perfect and complete based on Ethernet servo driver / servo amplifier series products, the series of products can run faster, feature rich, flexible application, and the ability to quickly and easily integrated into any application in. G2 the plug and play method is used to ensure that any part of your machine is operated in an instant and seamless manner. In addition, no matter what your application needs, G2 can always provide the industry's leading servo performance, communication and power levels, and the space is very small.
GM2 permanent magnet synchronous motor
GM2 series AC permanent magnet servo motor is a kind of high performance precision driving equipment which is combined with the market demand. The motor is composed of a stator, a rotor and a high precision feedback element (a rotating transformer). The high performance rare earth permanent magnet material is used to form the air gap magnetic field, and the casing is made of high strength aluminum material, which has beautiful appearance, light weight and good heat radiation performance.
touch screen

Goldbell electric including PLC, touch screen for the customer (HMI)...

GB-800 series
GB-800 series, is a set of embedded low power CPU as the core (dominant frequency 400MHz) of the high performance embedded integrated touch screen. The product design uses a 7 inch high brightness TFT LCD screen (resolution 800 x 480), four wire resistive touch screen (resolution 4096 x 4096). At the same time, also pre installed MCGS Embedded Configuration Software (running version), with a strong image display and data processing functions.

PLC, touch screen (HMI) and other standard industrial control products, to meet the needs of customers in the mechanical equipment.

GBX-800 series
Host external 220VAC power supply, 8 way DI, 8 channel DO transistor output;
Comes with two communication ports (RS232+RS485), can be extended to 5 communication ports; all the way 20K high-speed pulse input, all the way 10K high speed pulse output;
7 modules can be extended to the maximum.
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